Pathway Solutions

Healthy Indoor Air is Important, Achievable and Affordable

Our Pathway Design & Construction team is well educated in healthy building.  In fact, we frequently serve as a “teacher to the trades” – providing hands-on training to trades people and building professionals.

To help you understand what we do, below are some common issues and our Pathway Solutions:

Problem: Water and moisture can be very damaging to every part of your home. If proper techniques are not followed during construction, moisture can be built-in to a house and cause damage even before construction is complete. Plus, mold and mildew are common triggers to a host of respiratory problems. Solution: The best remodelers take a holistic approach to leak and moisture prevention. It starts with proper exterior drainage, framing materials with low-moisture content and susceptibility to mold and mildew and protecting framing materials from rain during construction. Proper installation of flashing, windows and siding are other important aspects for controlling water and moisture. Every home is different and this is where pre-planning is important.
Problem: Your home is built so tight to save energy that the home no longer breathes. Each time you turn on your dryer, kitchen fan or bathroom exhaust fan air is removed from your house. Without proper ventilation the replacement air comes from the crawl space or attic where the air can be dirty and contaminated. CO2 can also build up in poorly ventilated homes. Solution: In building a home to the highest IAQ standards the goal is to regulate how air moves in and out of the home. A simple solution is to install fresh air intakes through the exterior walls. This allows fresh air to be drawn in from the exterior of the home as the interior air is exhausted. More elaborate HRV and ERV systems can be installed to provide fresh air and exhaust stale air throughout the house.
Problem: Many common construction materials and finishes “off gas” and release into your home long after the obvious smell is gone. Common culprits include insulation, laminate flooring, adhesives, and fiberboard (trim and cabinets are frequently made with fiberboard). Many people are sensitive to these off gassing chemicals and often don’t even realize the cause of their symptoms. Solution: We focus on using the least toxic and most effective products and materials. We learn about your family’s health concerns. We select the best materials to use and make sure the installation is done right.
Problem: You can install the very best systems and products and the most high-tech mechanical and ventilation equipment, but if you don’t know how to maintain and operate it, all of the benefits can be dramatically reduced. Solution: Many people are embarrassed at how little they know about using fans, changing furnace filters and other routine chores that prevent expensive emergencies. We are deeply invested in making sure your remodel serves you for years to come. We understand this is an investment in your home and your family’s health. After the work is done we provide written information, face to face instructions and on-going help to make sure you understand how to keep your home healthy and in top operating condition.