Healthy Home Remodeling

15,000 Breaths Inside Your Home, Every Single Day

pw3-1-125.2MBIndoor Air Quality matters and it should be built-in to every remodel project, every step of the way.  At Pathway Design & Construction we are experts in healthy home remodeling and know the many ways to include “best building practices” in promoting fresh, healthy indoor air for your remodel.  These best practices are affordable and value enhancing. And they go hand-in-hand with energy efficiency.

At Pathway we build in “safe haven” measures to reduce the triggers that cause respiratory and health problems, including:

  • Maintaining clean, contained job sites
    Dust containment and air filters protect workers and residents.  Building materials are kept clean and dry to prevent mold and mildew.  HVAC ducts are sealed to keep dust and debris out. Wall cavities are vacuumed prior to closing up walls.  Dustless cutting, drilling and sanding techniques are used during the construction process.  Our contained job sites conform to the latest EPA and State of Washington requirements. We are so clean that many people stay in their homes during the remodel.
  • Using less-toxic construction materials
    Where possible, we avoid building materials that contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC), halogenated flame retardants, urea formaldehyde, lead and mercury. There are many excellent choices in flooring, cabinets, countertops, paints, and glues that promote healthier indoor air quality.  They are affordable and durable.
  • Recommending healthy home systems & products
    Your remodel may include heating and cooling systems, ventilation, plumbing, lighting, and more.  Our industry-leading knowledge and experience guides you through the decision making in a way that respects your budget while optimizing indoor air quality and resource efficiency.