Seattle Bathroom Remodel Gallery – Mai

Mai Bathroom

A level cup of luxurious, mixed with a dash of modern and a generous scoop of elegant, combine marvelously with a rustic cabin feel in the Mai Bathroom remodel. The former bathroom was dominated by an oversized sunken tub, carpeted throughout and enveloped in wood paneling – there was even a telephone next to the toilet! Now, the alluring space has an entirely new ability to amaze, this time for all the right reasons. Step foot inside and face the difficult decision of what to admire first. A timeless free-standing tub forms the main display, surrounded by wide windows and skylights. This feature is flanked by a state-of-the-art custom steam shower and a fine double-sink vanity from Canyon Creek. Taken together, the stunning new Master Bathroom is the delight of the Mai family and the envy of all who visit.