Our History

Pathway Design and Construction was founded by Paul Kocharhook in early 2008. It was founded on the principle of designing and building a house or structure that reflects the symbiotic relationship between humankind and nature.

As a former founding partner of Grif’n’Hook Construction, Paul played a key role in shifting the company’s focus to sustainable and healthier home construction during the five-year period it was in business.

As Paul expanded his knowledge and experience in this area he realized its importance to the health of the occupants and the environment. This was a driving force for Paul in the creation of Pathway. Paul’s goal was to form a company to more accurately embrace his vision and incorporate all aspects of environmentally friendly building. As it turns out, it was not only Paul that believed in his vision but also the other employees, subcontractors and suppliers of Grif’n’Hook, as nearly all have jumped on board with Pathway.