Our Credo


Pathway Design & Construction was founded in an effort to offer the client a home or building that is reflective of the symbiotic relationship between humankind and nature. Our company is built upon the following fundamental beliefs:

We Believe that although the construction process may be challenging, it should be enjoyable and educational for the homeowner. A client is entrusting us with their dream and we work to visualize its content and help realize it through attention to craftsmanship and service.

We Believe we are responsible for the impact our building practices have on nature and it is our duty to reduce our footprint through the use of environmentally friendly building practices.

We Believe in the importance of the charm and character of our existing neighborhoods. Through a well thought-out design process we strive to maintain our neighborhoods and build community.

We Believe in best building practices and healthy home building concepts. The home or building we deliver to our client may actually lower the health risks found in many of today’s homes when the appropriate construction techniques are implemented and the house is maintained properly after our work is completed. Our employees are actively involved with Washington’s American Lung Association Master Home Environmentalist program and work as community volunteers to educate homeowners and the community at large regarding healthier home practices.

We Believe that continuing education is important for the growth of our company and is something that can be shared with our clients and our community. One way we share this ongoing knowledge is with our Homeowner’s Maintenance Guide. Our clients receive this manual when the project is completed. The manual provides valuable information on proper maintenance guidelines as well as the resources and contacts available that will provide answers concerning healthy home practices.

We Believe in the opportunities and guidance provided by local community groups.

We Believe in a simple saying credited to Gandhi: “Be the change you would like to see in the world.

We Believe you can make a living while having fun and making a difference at the same time.

Members of the Pathway Design & Construction team